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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Inferno’

    "Inferno" is about Robert Langdon's latest world-saving quest to save the world before a billionaire kills half the human race.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘The Birth of a Nation’

    "The Birth of a Nation" is the true story of Nat Turner, a man who was born into slavery who taught himself to read using the Bible and became a preacher.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘The Magnificent Seven’

    "The Magnificent Seven" is a remake of a 1960 Western classic, but I'm sad to say the new one does not live up to the original.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Hell or High Water’

    Let's set the stage for this one right now: "Hell or High Water" is an instant classic. It's easily my favorite for best film of the year.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Sausage Party’

    To start things, let's get this out of the way. 'Sausage Party' is a warranted rated R. Heck, it ought to be double-R. It is crude, it is rude, it is socially unacceptable.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Gleason’

    I can't say it enough: "Gleason," a film about former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason's battle with Lou Gehrig's disease, is an amazing movie.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Jason Bourne’

    "Jason Bourne" feels like pieces of all the older films spliced together, in ways that don't benefit the flow of the movie.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

    Most movies based off old TV shows give new viewers background information so they can understand what's going on. "Absolutely Fabulous" didn't do that.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Ice Age Collision Course’

    Another Ice Age movie? How many have there been now? With "Ice Age: Collision Course" in theaters Friday, I can't keep up with this series anymore.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Ghostbusters’

    The new "Ghostbusters" isn't really as funny as I'd hoped. I would describe it as being more of silly. Overall, I just feel this movie was unnecessary.