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  • Book can help you talk to your kids about war

    As parents, we are constantly inundated with a litany of introspective and surprisingly philosophical questions from our kids. Even as a college graduate (and I like to think a well-versed person), I am very often stumped, as I’m sure many of us are. Now, I didn’t say I was a MENSA member but I know […]
  • You’ll find someone

    “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone” I keep hearing this statement. I used to smile politely and say something like “well, hopefully so. I need someone to start paying my bar tabs” and then do a fake laugh (even though it would be nice… booze is expensive, you know.) The last time I heard it was […]
  • The best New Year’s resolution is appreciating your kids

    With the new year rapidly approaching, the onslaught of people creating, posting and sharing their resolutions will be upon us.
  • 8 realistic things to get your kids this holiday season

    If you have ever felt the horrific pain of stepping barefoot on a Lego, you should read this.
  • It’s not about the things, but about the people, on Thanksgiving

    This holiday and every day, grab your friends and family and hug them tight.
  • We should take the same fun approach to life as our kids

    Kids are cool. Way cool. Cooler than us, in fact.
  • The hell and irony of the school drop-off area

    Every morning on the way to take my kids to school, there comes a moment about a mile out where I feel a head-to-toe change come over me.
  • H A Double P to the Y

    I won’t get into details but the bottom line is I’m at a complete loss for most of my waking hours based on specific events that have happened to me lately. As I’m not one to sit around and wallow, I have tried to work on what might help me. I’m sure there is a […]
  • So no one liked your One Direction backpack, so what?

    Charlotte Wilson's young daughter marches to the beat of her own drum, even when other children don't like her One Direction backpack.
  • The best parenting advice I ever received

    I was a newly-single mom at a trampoline park with my two monkeys.