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  • Eurozone growth hopes reinforced by strong survey

    LONDON (AP) — A closely watched survey is showing that the eurozone economy, made up of the 19 countries that use the euro currency, has ended the third quarter on a strong note, in a development that further reinforces hopes about the state of the region’s recovery. Financial information company IHS Markit says Friday that […]
  • China: Trump bank ban statement ‘not consistent’ with facts

    BEIJING (AP) — U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement that Beijing told its banks to stop dealing with North Korea is “not consistent with the facts,” a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Friday, but he gave no indication what steps China might be taking. The spokesman, Lu Kang, said Beijing complies with U.N. Security Council resolutions. […]
  • Stocks subdued amid North Korea concerns, European data

    HONG KONG (AP) — World stocks were subdued on Friday after North Korea said it could test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, though European markets were supported by upbeat economic data. KEEPING SCORE: Britain’s FTSE 100 rose 0.2 percent to 7,275 and Germany’s DAX rose by the same rate to 12,624. France’s CAC […]
  • Sweden charges ex-telecom execs in Uzbek corruption scandal

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Three former executives with Swedish telecoms company Telia were charged on Friday with corruption involving contracts in Uzbekistan, Sweden’s prosecution authority said. The defendants include Lars Nyberg, who was CEO of the company then known as TeliaSonera for six years, according to Sweden’s TT news agency. He resigned in 2013 following […]
  • May tries to reboot Brexit, offers 2-year transition period

    FLORENCE, Italy (AP) — Britain is prepared to abide by European Union rules and pay into the bloc’s coffers for two years after leaving the EU in March 2019, Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday in a conciliatory speech intended to revive foundering exit talks. The proposal got a positive, if muted, reception from the […]
  • Dam failing as scope of Puerto Rico’s disaster becomes clear

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rican officials rushed to evacuate tens of thousands of people downstream of a failing dam and said they could not reach more than half the towns in the U.S. territory as the massive scale of the disaster wrought by Hurricane Maria started to become clear on Friday. Government […]
  • German election: 2 votes, many coalitions and lengthy talks

    BERLIN (AP) — German voters will elect their new parliament Sunday, but don’t expect a new government to be in place next week. With the seats expected to be spread across up to six caucuses, there’s very little chance of anyone winning a majority to govern alone. After voters have had their say, it’s down […]
  • Does NKorean H-bomb threat push US closer to war?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Would exploding a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, as North Korea has threatened, push the current war of words between the U.S. and North Korea closer to actual war? As with much that has transpired lately in the U.S.-North Korea nuclear crisis, no one can be sure where this would lead or […]
  • Public shaming likely but GOP wary of new laws after Equifax

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Prospects are good for a public shaming in the Equifax data breach, but it’s unlikely Congress will institute sweeping new regulations after hackers accessed the personal information of an estimated 143 million Americans. Since early this year, President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress have strived to curb government’s influence on businesses, […]
  • Trade panel: Cheap imports hurt US solar industry

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Low-cost solar panels imported from China and other countries have caused serious injury to American manufacturers, a U.S. trade commission ruled Friday, raising the possibility of the Trump administration imposing tariffs that could double the price of solar panels from abroad. The 4-0 vote by the International Trade Commission sets up a […]
  • AP FACT CHECK: Kimmel’s take on health care harder to refute

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Who’s right — President Donald Trump and Sen. Bill Cassidy, or late-night host Jimmy Kimmel? None of them have really captured the complexity of the debate over who might lose insurance protections in the latest Republican health care bill. But of the three, the TV guy is the hardest to refute. Trump […]
  • Closure at busy US-Mexico border crossing promises headaches

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — The busiest border crossing in the United States will close this weekend to the more than 40,000 cars that pass through it daily to Mexico. The closure between San Diego and Tijuana for work on a $741 million expansion project presents a monumental headache for border businesses, workers, tourists and Christopher […]
  • After humdrum German campaign, Merkel hopes for fourth term

    BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel appears all but certain to win a fourth term when Germans vote Sunday after a humdrum campaign produced few divisive issues but saw smaller parties gain support — including the nationalist, anti-migration Alternative for Germany, which is set to become the most right-wing party in parliament for 60 years. […]
  • Gatorade pays California $300K, settles anti-water complaint

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Just because drought-ravaged California has spent years urging residents to conserve water doesn’t mean it wants people to actually stop drinking the stuff. When a Gatorade cellphone game suggested doing just that state Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a complaint accusing the popular thirst-quenching drink’s maker of false advertising. By Thursday […]
  • Jordan’s young crown prince makes global debut in UN speech

    AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Just a year out of college, Jordan’s crown prince has made his debut on the world’s biggest stage, addressing the U.N. General Assembly — the clearest sign yet that he is on a fast track to a prominent public role at home and abroad. The accelerated roll-out of 23-year-old Crown Prince […]