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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • So what’s in it for the ‘other guys?’

    If you understand math, of which I am decidedly challenged at, only one of the remaining Republican candidates for president can achieve the magic number of 1144 delegates and secure the nomination outright.
  • Super Tuesday reveals Republican splits

    Round and round it goes, where it stops? Nobody knows.
  • Happy days are here, but based on what?

    Happy days are here again!
  • What did he win?

    The headlines screamed that Rick Santorum pulled an upset victory in this week's primaries and caucuses.
  • Negative campaigning is guaranteeing success for candidates

    Is this any way to pick a President? By most estimates Mitt Romney out spent Newt Gingrich in Florida 6 to 1… with 92% of the ads being negative in nature!