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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • Movies in a Minute – Step Up Revolution

    A young girl with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, falls in love with the leader of an elaborate flash mob group. Bruce St. James said, “I suppose if you LOVE dancing you can tolerate the story to get to the dance scenes, but it would be hard for anyone else to get fired up […]
  • Movies in a Minute – The Watch

    A group of men band together to form the “Neighborhood Watch” to escape their day to day life. The men find themselves defending Earth from an alien invasion. Bruce St. James said,”There are brief moments of inappropriateness and funny, but unlike ‘Ted’ they go nowhere and can hardly sustain you for the full 100 minutes. […]
  • Bruce St. James Reviews ‘Spec Ops – The Line’

    Bruce St. James compares ‘Spec Ops – The Line’ to other well known video games like ‘Call of Duty.’
  • Movies in a Minute – Batman – Dark Knight Rises

    Batman resurfaces after 8 years to protect the city he loves, even though they had deemed him a killer after Harvey Dent’s death. Bruce St. James said, “it’s not a perfect film, but a very good one. Full of twists and turns, the final chapter of the saga doesn’t exactly tie itself up into a […]
  • Former Phoenix cop reacts to Colorado shooting

    The massacre in a Colorado movie theater has many of us questioning our safety when going to a movie theater and if there is some way we could ever anticipate a tragedy like this one.
  • Movies in a Minute – Ice Age: Continental Drift

    If you liked the previous three "Ice Age" films, think of this as just another 90 minutes of the story.
  • Movies in a Minute – Savages

    A story about two young guys who run a lucrative marijuana business and become involved unwillingly with the Mexican Cartel. Things get messy when the cartel kidnaps the two men’s girlfriend. Bruce St. James said, “Oh, it’s violent. Think “Natural Born Killers” level of blood & guts… and now with more gore!” Find out what […]
  • Movies in a Minute – The Amazing Spiderman

    A young Peter Parker is trying to figure out who he is and starts to learn the story of his parents disappearance when he finds a briefcase that belonged to his father. Bruce St. James said, “It’s a fresh take on a movie you probably remember.” Find out what else Bruce thought of the movie […]
  • Movies in a Minute – Ted

    A childhood wish brought to life John’s teddy bear and has been his best friend ever since. The long standing friendship is tested when John’s girlfriend wants to take things to the next level. Bruce St. James said it’s “not for everyone, but for those of us who appreciate crude, rude and socially unacceptable behavior […]
  • Movies in a Minute – Magic Mike

    Mike, a male stripper, takes a young performer under his wing and teaches him the lifestyle of male stripping. Bruce St. James said, “Guys, it’s actually not that bad!” Find out what rating Bruce gave Magic Mike in this episode of “Movies in a Minute.”
  • Movies in a Minute – Brave

    Princess Merida’s parents have plans for her future that she doesn’t agree with. Merida takes life into her own hands and causes peril in her Scotland town. She must use her bravery to correct her mistake and make things right again. Bruce St. James said the movie seemed to be lacking the classic Disney moral. […]
  • Kids verbally abuse bus monitor, threaten her and leave her in tears

    A group of kids in Rochester, N.Y. were filmed bullying to Karen Klein, a school bus monitor, and the video has gone viral. The video includes verbal abuse, physical threats, cruel comments about weight and dead family members and a discussion of going to her house. * WARNING: This video contains vulgar language and may […]
  • Movies in a Minute – Moonrise Kingdom

    In this Wes Anderson film, starring Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Edward Norton,a young boy and girl fall in love during the 1960’s in New England. During their courtship they choose to run away together. People in the town fan out to search for the pair and turn the town upside down. Bruce St. James […]
  • Kirk Gibson’s son went through graduation without his Dad and I can relate

    While I can’t claim to understand Kirk Gibson’s relationship with his son, or his own upbringing, I can understand the sentiment. I grew up in Tucson with my Dad, who was decidedly absent at many of my life milestones. My vague memories of high school graduation were of attending alone, picking up my diploma and […]
  • Americans forced to pick a side when the answer is somewhere in the middle

    Besides the obvious election year pandering this Executive Order exposes, the larger concern is the effect this will have on the national discussion on illegal immigration. The President is dividing this country once again for short term electoral gain. Instead of actively pursuing The Dream Act and finding compromise in Congress, the President will do […]