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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • Jeff DeWit: Donald Trump does not have list of Republicans who didn’t vote for him

    Donald Trump's campaign COO Jeff DeWit dismissed a rumor that the president-elect has been keeping a running list of Republicans who voted against him.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Loving’

    Despite its name, "Loving" is not a chick flick, but it is about one of the most legally-significant relationships in American history.
  • Arizona doctors split on how to fix Obamacare insurance rates

    Two doctors who have first-hand experience working with Obamacare in Arizona are split on how to fix the rising health care insurance costs in the state.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Doctor Strange’

    When you combine the great special effects with some amazing actors, "Doctor Strange" is one of the best superhero movies ever.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Inferno’

    "Inferno" is about Robert Langdon's latest world-saving quest to save the world before a billionaire kills half the human race.
  • Movies in a Minute for ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’

    In Bruce St. James' review, "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" was full of action movie cliches and never was able to rid of them.
  • Arizona secretary of state: Safeguards in place to protect November election results

    Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan said Wednesday her office takes a lot of precautions to ensure no one interferes with election results.
  • Arizona officials concerned bias, media may have impact on November election

    Two Arizona officials said in separate interviews Tuesday that November's general election may be rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, but in different ways.
  • Burning debate: How would legalizing marijuana affect Arizona?

    Proposition 205 would essentially legalize marijuana in the state, in theory turning the drug into a financial resource for Arizona schools through taxation. Opponents of the bill say not so fast.
  • Jeff DeWit: People need to remember that Donald Trump was once an entertainer

    Donald Trump Campaign COO Jeff DeWit said it is important people remember that Trump was once an entertainer when they hear old clips of him speaking.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘The Birth of a Nation’

    "The Birth of a Nation" is the true story of Nat Turner, a man who was born into slavery who taught himself to read using the Bible and became a preacher.
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley charity raising awareness of ovarian cancer

    Ovarian cancer is the fifth-deadliest for women and a Valley charity, Colleen’s Dream Foundation, is looking to help women in their fight.
  • Gary Johnson: If people voted with their beliefs, I’d be the next president of the US

    Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said Wednesday that he would be the next president of the United States if people simply voted their beliefs.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘The Magnificent Seven’

    "The Magnificent Seven" is a remake of a 1960 Western classic, but I'm sad to say the new one does not live up to the original.
  • Faith in Humanity: Group wants to recycle 1,000 donated bicycles for holiday gifts

    One Arizona group is working to make sure 1,000 children in foster care can know what it's like to get a bicycle during the holiday season.