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The Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes show offers a unique perspective on news, politics and life. Bruce and Pamela tell stories and make us laugh with an injection of common sense. If you care about the community you live in, listen in to their conversations.

August 21, 2017

August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017 - Hour 2

Trumps chief strategist Steve Bannon is out of the White House, this comes after his controversial interview where he went back on President Trumps word on North Korea.

August 18, 2017 - Hour 1

A terror attack in Barcelona, Spain leaves fourteen dead, one American, and over 100 injured as a van rammed into a crowd of people.

August 18, 2017 - Hour 3

It's a rare occurrence that many say you need to see, however, schools in Arizona are keeping kids inside during the Solar Eclipse.

August 16, 2017

August 15, 2017

Former Acting Undersecretary for Intelligence at DHS John Cohen

A former Department of Homeland Security official said Tuesday that white supremacists are being empowered by President Donald Trump's administration.

August 14, 2017