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  • Sharper Point: Is Dennis Rodman a deep-cover diplomat in a dress?

    Maybe it’s not the weirdest thing ever, but there’s probably a very short list of stranger things that have happened in history other than Dennis Rodman playing a part in U.S. diplomatic policy.
  • Suspect used anti-LGBTQ slurs before assaulting Phoenix men, police say

    Phoenix police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a suspect who reportedly used anti-LGBTQ slurs before assaulting two men.
  • Shooting rampage highlights dangers of profession, Phoenix lawyer says

    The murderous rampage of a man suspected of killing at least four people he associated with his divorce and child custody arrangement has reminded a Phoenix lawyer of the potential for danger in her field.
  • Sharper Point: Don Shooter needs a timeout, not a return to the Capitol

    Don Shooter's run for the Arizona Senate just months after he was kicked out of the state House for inappropriate conduct toward women proves there is such a thing as "too soon."
  • Woman accused of multiple instances of identity theft in Phoenix area

    Police are searching for a woman who was suspected of at least three instances of identity theft throughout the Phoenix area in 2013.
  • Valley economist says impact of Super Bowl is legit — and could be huge

    A Valley economist said the state can expect a huge windfall when another Super Bowl is held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale in 2023.
  • Sharper Point: Will Arizona’s next Super Bowl be a win, a wash or a loss?

    Nobody really negotiates with the NFL for the rights to host a Super Bowl -- you basically beg for it. But is it the prize it's made out to be?
  • Phoenix police searching for carjacker, car wash burglar

    Phoenix police were asking the public for help tracking down a suspect involved in a carjacking and a man who robbed an individual at a car wash.
  • Arizona Republicans confident Trump, Kim Jong Un meeting will continue

    North Korea has threatened to pull out of a historic summit between its leader, Kim Jong Un, and President Donald Trump, but could it actually happen? Arizona Republicans are saying no.
  • Chandler police searching for dog-napper, serial car burglars

    Chandler police were asking the public for help tracking down a suspect accused of stealing a dog and two men accused of leading a rash of car burglaries in a local neighborhood.
  • Sharper Point: Should Arizona take a chance on sports gambling?

    After the Supreme Court ruled that individual states can now permit sports betting, the question on everybody’s lips seems to be: Will Vegas-style sports gambling be coming to Arizona? 
  • Phoenix police looking for suspect in Subway store robbery

    Police are looking for a suspect who ordered a Subway sandwich, then threw a bank bag on the counter and demanded money when the employee rang up the order.
  • Sharper Point: Would a Diamondbacks move mean fewer fans?

    The Arizona Diamondbacks need more reasons for people to attend games - not fewer. Moving away from the center of the Valley won't help.
  • Gov. Ducey looks ahead to more work on safety for Arizona schools

    With a budget for state spending signed and teachers back in school after a walkout, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said he was committed to other ways to improve schools.
  • Phoenix police searching for suspect of 1996 aggravated assault

    Allan Near's life was forever changed on Saturday, June 1, 1996. On that day, police believe he was beaten and robbed, leaving him with a severe head injury.