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  • Border patrol agent’s family relies on faith to help them

    A day after losing a husband and father, Nick Ivie's family is relying on faith to get through a difficult time.
  • Top Clicks of September 2012

    Every month in 2012, will feature the top 10 stories from the past month. September's headlines on our site were dominated by the tragic end to a car chase that was broadcast nationwide, the murder of a U.S. ambassador and a former Phoenix Sun player's home being for sale.
  • Report: Arrests made in killing of Border Patrol agent

    Two men have been arrested in connection with the killing of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie.
  • New Apple mini tablet to be released Oct. 17?

    Less than two weeks since Apple revealed its iPhone 5, rumors are surfacing on a new Apple product.
  • MCSO identifies body parts found in canal

    Several body parts found in a Tonopah canal have been identified as those of one person, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said.
  • Romney would end Obama immigration policy

    Associated Press DENVER (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would end an Obama administration policy allowing some young illegal immigrants to stay in the country and work, though anyone already granted a reprieve from possible deportation wouldn’t see that permission revoked. Romney told The Denver Post on Monday that people who are able to […]
  • Acre of marijuana plants destroyed near Yuma

    About one acre of marijuana plants was destroyed during a joint operation between the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the DEA said in a release.
  • Abandoned puppy gets scooped up by new family

    A puppy who was tossed out of a truck window has found a new home.
  • Amy Donaldson: The fight against childhood obesity starts at home

    The fight against childhood obesity starts at home. The fight against childhood obesity starts at home.
  • Bullying heavy in child television, researchers warn

    Children are being exposed to increasing amounts of social bullying and aggression at impressionable ages, according to a study published Thursday in the Journal of Communication.
  • New playground set for Valley nonprofit site

    A much-need playground, medical and exercise facility is being created at St. Vincent de Paul.
  • End of tomato pact with Mexico could expand trade tiff

    Florida growers have started a tomato fight that some fear will turn in to a larger trade tiff between the United States and Mexico - possibly threatening Arizona's largest foreign market.
  • Veterans help veterans with suicide-prevention line

    After serving 13 years between the Air Force and the Army, Daniel Turner knows the frustrations veterans face.
  • Valley kids mark International Walk to School Day

    Children all over the Valley will be celebrating International Walk to School Day on Wednesday.
  • McCain: No surprise if suspects turn out to be drug cartel

    As the nation mourns the murder of Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie, Arizona Sen. John McCain said he would not be surprised if the suspects, whenever they are apprehended, are involved with drug cartels in some way.