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  • The Color Run: The latest in a new wave of fun runs

    More about fun and less about competition, a new breed of races is introducing non-runners to the world of running while giving hardcore runners a much-needed break from competition.
  • Romney catches Obama in CBS poll, edges ahead among women

    While it is still too early to read too much into polls, a CBS/New York Times poll released Monday turned heads. It showed Romney edging ahead among registered voters, in large part by pulling ahead among women.
  • Airport’s Phoenix Sky Train takes 1st practice run

    The Phoenix Sky Train makes its inaugural trip Monday at Sky Harbor Airport.
  • So grateful to be my mother’s daughter

    I am so grateful I am my mother's daughter. Just having a piece of her in me gives me confidence that I can be to my children what she was to me: the world.
  • Are you addicted to Facebook?

    Psychologists from the University of Bergen in Norway have developed a new way to measure Facebook addiction.
  • Most Americans think the country benefits from the wealthiest ‘1 percent’

    When asked if the United States benefits from having a rich class of people, 63 percent of respondents said it does while 34 percent responded with "no."
  • Study shows recession-era graduates only earn $27,000

    Graduation approaches for many, but tough times continue for college grads as a new study shows a grim job outlook for young adults entering the workforce.
  • Box office predictions: New vampire movie debuts, and for once, it isn’t a Twilight sequel

    "The Avengers" broke records that nobody could have foreseen. Now holding the record for highest opening weekend, it faces a dark new competitor in the Johnny Depp horror comedy, "Dark Shadows."
  • Mother’s Day meals made easy

    Men need not panic when it comes to meals for Mother's Day. Below are some easy and delicious recipes for the women they love.
  • Surprise summer storm rolls through Valley

    It's not monsoon season yet, but a severe storm surprised many Valley residents on Wednesday.
  • Obama supporting gay marriage is not ‘brave’

    Barack Obama became the first sitting president to officially endorse same sex marriage.
  • Fire destroys portion of Whiskey Row in Prescott

    A two-alarm fire on Prescott's famed Whiskey Row has destroyed at least three businesses.
  • Fire destroys portion of Prescott’s Whiskey Row

    A two-alarm fire on Prescott's famed Whiskey Row has destroyed at least three businesses.
  • Summer video game guide for parents

    Though summer isn’t as packed with game releases as the holiday season, there are still many new games coming that any gamer can get excited about. Here's a rundown of the newest titles and what gamers can expect from them.
  • Where does all your gas money go?

    Even with the recent drop, gas prices are still high, with a gallon costing $4 in some areas of the country. But where does all of that money go?