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  • Wingstock 2013 taking place in Mesa this weekend

    Where music and chicken meet, it's Wingstock 2013.
  • Does a fun workplace equal better production?

    Fun and games and work have not traditionally coincided, but some corporate experts claim "play" may actually promote a more productive workforce.
  • Phoenix falls in recent economic standings

    Phoenix has dropped two positions in a research division's monthly economic rankings.
  • Special metro Phoenix Easter egg hunt sounds like beeping fun

    Thanks to a Phoenix Police bomb squad detective, children who can't see will participate in an Easter Egg hunt just for them.
  • NAU pulls bid to keep Cardinals in Flagstaff

    The bid to keep the Arizona Cardinals training camp in Flagstaff is over.
  • Weekend freeway restrictions March 29-April 1

    Few closures are scheduled for Valley freeways this weekend, save for two in the far East Valley.
  • Ready to roll: Free, automated PHX Sky Train debuts April 8

    PHOENIX – As of Monday, April 8, those traveling between Metro light rail and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport can catch a free, air-conditioned ride aboard PHX Sky Train. The first phase of the $1.6 billion project connects with Terminal 4 and includes a stop at the East Economy parking lot. The driverless cars, leaving […]
  • Impact of high court’s gay-rights rulings on pending Arizona case hard to predict

    WASHINGTON – The historic same-sex marriage arguments before the Supreme Court this week could hold the answer for gay couples who sued Arizona in 2009 to get access to spousal health-care benefits for their partners. Or not. Predicting the effect of this week’s hearings on the Arizona case, Brewer v. Diaz, is about as tricky […]
  • Lawmaker: Eliminate inequity in JTED funding for charter students

    PHOENIX – Arizona’s mechanism for funding students who attend vocational programs offered by Joint Technical Education Districts unintentionally discriminates against those from charter schools, a state lawmaker contends. The difference in per-student funding – about 30 percent less for charter schools than public school districts – sends the wrong message, said Sen. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix. […]
  • Sandblasting, painting final steps toward creating state World War II memorial

    PHOENIX – In a west Phoenix industrial area, Master Sgt. Kelly Dugan and a team Arizona Air National Guard volunteers scrape rust from gun barrels that once graced the USS Arizona and USS Missouri. “It’s a piece of military history, it’s a piece of American history,” Dugan said. Later in the day came sandblasting and […]
  • Report calls for focus on family reunification in immigration reform

    WASHINGTON – The nation’s current immigration policy is breaking up families and not deterring repeat border crossers, according to a University of Arizona study, which called for those factors to be addressed in any immigration reform. The report, released Thursday, was based on interviews with more than 1,100 illegal immigrants deported to Mexico over the […]
  • Experts: Arizona’s solar growth could slow in coming year

    PHOENIX – After years of rapid growth, residential solar power installations in Arizona are likely to slow down some in the near future as prices tick up and utility incentives shrink, experts say. For 2012, Arizona was the nation’s second-largest market for residential and commercial solar growth, adding 710 megawatts worth photovoltaic panels to rank […]
  • Feds reject request to declare southeast Arizona snail endangered

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rejected a petition Thursday to list an Arizona snail as endangered, saying the Rosemont talussnail was actually the same species as a much more common snail. The decision was based on a 2012 study of the snails that compared them to a 1939 study that first suggested […]
  • Company wants to build huge power towers near Yuma

    Maryland's Solar Wind Energy is working with the town of San Luis, Ariz. to build a pair of power-generating skyscrapers on the U.S.-Mexico border near Yuma and they would be the second-tallest structures ever built.
  • Weekend events for March 29-31

    Looking for something to do this weekend in the Valley? The list below offers a few options.