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Website recreates Arizona Cardinals logo for hipsters

The Arizona Cardinals logo as a hipster. (Photo:

Millennials may annoy me sometimes, but man, does one part of that group annoy me even more: hipsters.

They all think they're so cool and trendy, but they just look like slobs. I get that they are this generations hippies, but at least the hippies changed our culture. Hipsters just insult our taste in music and pretend to know a lot about beer. And what's with the mustaches?

I even have a nice term for them: Hipster Doofuses.

I'm not sure if they're in to sports at all, but one website,, decided to combine the hipster look with National Football Team logos.

Here is the description for our own Arizona Cardinals logo:

No one lives here but old people and illegal aliens. I can get vintage clothing and cheap knockoffs all in the same city block!

So there we go. I'd expect comments from a few Hipster Doofuses, but running with the current trends, I'm sure they've already heard about this and are over it.

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There's a reason why Mac & Gaydos is the number one talk show in the Valley. To someone who has never listened, Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos describe their show as "relatable stories that emotionally connect with our audience... basically, stuff that affects our daily lives here in Arizona."

Mac Watson is a native of Maryland, worked as a music DJ for 10 years before shifting to talk radio that eventually led him to News-Talk 92.3 KTAR-FM in 2007. Mac Watson expresses strong opinions with an equally quick wit that the Valley has come to appreciate.


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