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Updated Aug 31, 2012 - 4:15 pm

Great GOP Convention set stage for an American choice

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan are join on the stage by their families at the end of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

What an incredible Republican National Convention.

Great speeches, great speakers, humor, gravity and a look at what Mitt Romney will do for our country when he is elected president. He loves this country as I do, it was obvious.

Romney has never risen to the Azaan at sunrise but gets chills singing "God Bless America." I saw my America described the way I remembered it: optimistic, patriotic, looking ahead to solving problems that have been created by the Obama administration. And, as Jeb Bush, said "Stop blaming my brother for the nations problems. You've had four years to get your act together."

The Republican National Convention showed us men and women qualified to run this country. Barack Obama was never qualified for the job. He didn't have the experience nor the wisdom to be the leader of the free world.

We now have two different visions of our future from which to choose.

One of them is a country deeply in debt with the government doling out charity, committees of statisticians determining who is qualified for medical care and who must just suffer and die. A country dependent on the largesse of the government. A country where being unemployed means you wait each month for your government to send you the money someone else has earned. And it gets easier to accept that check and more difficult to find a job. A country where we are weaker in the eyes of those who hate and envy us -- in fact, wish to destroy us. A country that does not come to the defense of long-time allies and those who look to us for strength. A country where our leaders bow to Saudi kings and talk about negotiating with a nuclear-capable Iran. A country where our military budgets are cut until we are at the mercy of those nations with whom our president has offered compromise after he is reelected.

The other choice is self-sufficiency. A better job with a chance of promotion. Self-esteem that comes from knowing that you can support yourself and your family. A country whose allies know we keep our promises. A strong military able to withstand the enmity of those nations envious of our lives and our freedoms. A country where our leaders bow to no king or prince. A country able to produce it's own energy. A country that rewards innovation and creativity. A country where the singing of the "Star-Spangled Banner" at a ball game and watching a stealth jet flyover brings a feeling of pride to all of us.

Those are our choices. Choice one is the Obama-Biden blueprint for America. Not acceptable. Choice two is the Romney-Ryan blueprint for America.

Are you ready to make a choice, or do you want to wait a few years and learn to speak Farsi or Chinese?

About the Author

Jay Lawrence is a "true" conservative believing that less government is better government. Jay graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and went to WJPS in Evansville Indiana. Then on to bigger and better, Peoria. Illinois. Jay made it to Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Cleveland before coming to KTAR. Lawrence enjoys all sports and has played most, but has been a baseball fan above all and enjoys the Diamondbacks particularly when they win, tolerates the team when they lose. Favorite memories are opening day for Major League Baseball in the Valley and sitting in row three along third-base line when the D- backs won the World Series. One other memory he'll always carry with him, the time he spent with the Beatles and stood outside a nightclub finding dates for the Fab Four in Cleveland. Lawrence's musical tastes are eclectic, from classical to rap with country thrown in. He'd be just as likely to attend a Phoenix Symphony concert or ballet as he would a George Strait concert.


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