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Rep. Todd Akin's rape comments have me debating

FILE - This Aug. 10, 2012 file photo shows Todd Akin, Republican candidate for U.S. Senator from Missouri taking questions after speaking at the Missouri Farm Bureau candidate interview and endorsement meeting in Jefferson City, Mo. Akin fought to salvage his Senate campaign Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, even as members of his own party turned against him and a key source of campaign funding was cut off in outrage over the Missouri congressman's comments that women are able to prevent pregnancies in cases of "legitimate rape." (AP Photo/St. Louis Pos-Dispatch, Christian Gooden)

I am in the horns of a dilemma.

I want Republicans to take over the U.S. Senate. I want to see the end of Harry Reid's rein of terror. Reid is guilty of accusations against Mitt Romney, for example, accusations that Romney had not paid income tax for 10 years. Reid has avoided a budget discussion for years.

Yes, I want Harry gone, which means I want Republicans elected.

Now we come to Missouri Rep. Todd Akin. During a TV interview, the honorable gentleman referred to a "legitimate" rape, saying "a woman's body can shut that whole thing down" to avoid pregnancy. Akin cited several doctors, who allegedly provided this brilliant assessment that women need not become pregnant if raped because, a woman's body, knowing that she is being raped, can just chemically turn itself off so that there is little chance of pregnancy.

Akin has now apologized for his ignorance and has also changed the word "legitimate" rape, intimating that there is "faux" rape -- one that welcomes the rapist -- to "forcible" rape, as though there is a rape that is not forcible.

Mr. Akin is obviously in the camp of those who believe "she brought it on herself, did you see that short skirt."

Here's something scary: 44 percent of Missouri voters still think he's their guy and want to send a moron to the Senate.

Now the dilemma.

The Democratic candidate, Claire McCaskill, is a liberal. I believe that many liberals would help President Obama destroy the America that I love. Do I still want an ignoramus like Todd Akin to have anything to say about a women's reproductive process or, more importantly, have a say on anything a U.S. senator must decide?

His apology is insincere. He knows he stepped into a huge pile of crap and is trying to cover. The Republican leadership is trying to get him to resign from the ticket and up until now he has refused, but that could change. His insincerity is matched by Sen. McCaskill's insincerity, saying the voters should still have the man that won the Republican primary.

Do I want a proven idiot in the U.S. Senate? Do I want anyone from the, "It's her fault she was raped, she was asking for it. Did you see that tight sweater she was wearing?" school of thought?

There are a few in the Senate who think that way already, so what difference does one more make?

A big difference.

About the Author

Jay Lawrence is a "true" conservative believing that less government is better government. Jay graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and went to WJPS in Evansville Indiana. Then on to bigger and better, Peoria. Illinois. Jay made it to Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Cleveland before coming to KTAR. Lawrence enjoys all sports and has played most, but has been a baseball fan above all and enjoys the Diamondbacks particularly when they win, tolerates the team when they lose. Favorite memories are opening day for Major League Baseball in the Valley and sitting in row three along third-base line when the D- backs won the World Series. One other memory he'll always carry with him, the time he spent with the Beatles and stood outside a nightclub finding dates for the Fab Four in Cleveland. Lawrence's musical tastes are eclectic, from classical to rap with country thrown in. He'd be just as likely to attend a Phoenix Symphony concert or ballet as he would a George Strait concert.


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