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Updated Jun 13, 2012 - 7:56 am

Saying bye bye to baby left on street by parents

So a teenage mom, Catalina Clouser, straps her baby in a car seat.

Good work Catalina, that's the proper thing to do. The next step, Catalina, put the baby, in the car seat, inside the car. Seems logical to me and to every other mom or dad who ever drove with their baby in a car seat. Here's the difference between us and Catalina.

Catalina left her baby, in the car seat, on the top of the car. She and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Manuel Pena, drove off into Wonderland.

Where's the baby? Sitting in the car seat on the street at 45th Avenue and Cholla St. The baby and the car seat never made it into the car. Around 12:45 in the morning a passerby found the baby in the street.

Now no one can say mom isn't a responsible mother. Just becase she and her boyfriend were smoking some weed doesn't mean she's irresponsible. 12 miles later, one of them looked in the back seat and said, "Have you got baby Manuel?" The other must have answered "I thought you had him."

Oh woe is me. Where is the baby? That's an expensive car seat we wouldn't want it to be lost.

Could we have left him somewhere? Might he secretly been walking all this time? Does he have a GPS and is headed home this minute? The last place we saw him was, etc.

The doting parents found baby Manuel and were headed home when police stopped them and arrest Mr. Pena for a DUI.

Now did the responsible mom, thankful that she had found baby Clouser head for home, thank her lucky stars and promise never to do anything again that would put baby Clouser at risk? Not exactly. She packed up the baby, headed to a friends house and smoked some more dope before heading home.

Clouser was eventually arrested and charged with child abuse.

Now the question: does baby Clouser go back to Mommy Clouser and boyfriend Pena? Not if you and I were the decision makers. But our very own Child Protective Services will make that decision. Based on all we know, based on past performance of CPS, baby Clouser is headed back to mom, boyfriend, weed and who knows what.

Let's all say bye bye to Baby Clouser. It's only a question of when.

About the Author

Jay Lawrence is a "true" conservative believing that less government is better government. Jay graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and went to WJPS in Evansville Indiana. Then on to bigger and better, Peoria. Illinois. Jay made it to Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Cleveland before coming to KTAR. Lawrence enjoys all sports and has played most, but has been a baseball fan above all and enjoys the Diamondbacks particularly when they win, tolerates the team when they lose. Favorite memories are opening day for Major League Baseball in the Valley and sitting in row three along third-base line when the D- backs won the World Series. One other memory he'll always carry with him, the time he spent with the Beatles and stood outside a nightclub finding dates for the Fab Four in Cleveland. Lawrence's musical tastes are eclectic, from classical to rap with country thrown in. He'd be just as likely to attend a Phoenix Symphony concert or ballet as he would a George Strait concert.


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