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Dave Ramsey

  • Dave Ramsey, Deseret News
    Dave Ramsey: Don't be ashamed of financial success
    You guys are under no obligation to explain your income, net worth or the fact that you're winning. And you're not obligated to be ashamed of it either.
  • Dave Ramsey, Deseret News
    Dave Ramsey: Identify your motivation behind extra expenses
    Unless you guys are trying to send them to the Olympics ... teaching them things like discipline and to master their bodies through physical training can be done at a local, amateur level. And at a much lower cost.
  • Dave Ramsey, Deseret News
    Dave Ramsey: Paying kids for good grades creates teachable moments
    You're certainly not obligated to pay them for work or grades, but if you don't do some of this and teach them the proper ways to handle the money they earn you'll miss out on many fantastic teachable moments.
  • Dave Ramsey, Deseret News
    Dave Ramsey: Tips for handling a child's debt situation
    Let her wallow in it and worry about things for a while first. Then, if she's willing to accept responsibility for her actions, and she starts working hard toward handling her money wisely, you might help her out once in a while.
  • Dave Ramsey, Deseret News
    Dave Ramsey: Use cash to avoid overspending
    When I made the decision to get intentional with my money, I just used cash. It's hard to spend it when you don't have any on you.
  • Dave Ramsey, Deseret News
    Dave Ramsey: Take care when choosing a broker
    Find one good broker you're comfortable with and who has the heart of a teacher. You want to know what's going on with your money, and finding someone who can explain it well and help you understand the details is a must.
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