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  • Tips for living: Emotional support for those who are single

    Wednesday, Apr 23, 12:47 pm
    Whether by divorce, death of a spouse or never being married at all, there are challenges to being single. Sometimes feelings of inadequacy surface and often the pressures of life interfere with peace... Read more...
  • 5 clever ways to apologize to your spouse

    Wednesday, Apr 23, 12:46 pm
    Sometimes we let our thoughts and emotions get the best of us. When we get upset and angry, we take those emotions out on the people we care for the most, especially our spouse. If you have offended... Read more...
  • The importance of family rituals

    Wednesday, Apr 23, 11:54 am
    Children need to know that there is something they can count on, no matter what. That's where the importance of family rituals comes into play. A solid foundation, belief system, and pattern... Read more...
  • How to rear money-smart kids

    Wednesday, Apr 23, 9:57 am
    Editor's note: This article originally ran on It has been reprinted here with permission. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimated in 2013 that outstanding... Read more...
  • List of top work-from-home jobs shows growth in offerings

    Tuesday, Apr 22, 6:41 pm
    April has been an interesting month for me. I feel as if I have spent as much time away from home as at home. First, I took a business trip to attend a conference in the Washington, D.C., area.... Read more...
  • Tips for living: Advice to moms

    Tuesday, Apr 22, 1:56 pm
    Motherhood is both difficult and rewarding, but it won't always be this way, even though it may feel like forever, author Emily Watts... Read more...
  • 3 things that are the glue that sticks a marriage together

    Tuesday, Apr 22, 12:42 pm
    It seems there are so many things that can tear a marriage apart: arguments, finances, infidelity, lack of continued love, extreme stress or one or both spouses feeling unloved or unimportant. Whatever... Read more...
  • 2 words you should never say to a new mom

    Tuesday, Apr 22, 12:40 pm
    Last September, I gave birth to a 7 pound, 7 ounce, perfect little boy. And, yes, I did say, “perfect.” From the second I laid eyes on him, I was in awe of his cuteness. With his... Read more...
  • How to deal with constant criticism

    Tuesday, Apr 22, 12:39 pm
    Question: My mother is a very critical, judgmental person. She always has something negative to say about everything I do and everyone we know. I’m often embarrassed for her because of... Read more...
  • 5 tips for detecting lies

    Monday, Apr 21, 1:51 pm
    Parents, don’t be too insulted when your child starts lying to you at a very young age. It’s actually a sign of intelligence. Children who lie are shown to have a higher IQ and become more... Read more...
  • The best things about having boys

    Sunday, Apr 20, 3:09 pm
    My sons and I have a Monday tradition. In the course of the morning, the telltale sound of squeaking brakes, metal clanging and hydraulics reaches us in the backyard or somehow penetrates into the quietest... Read more...
  • How to help a suicidal teen

    Saturday, Apr 19, 3:02 pm
    When the words suicide and teen are used in the same sentence, fear usually strikes in the hearts of parents and caretakers, especially if they have a teenager or children approaching the teenage years.... Read more...
  • 5 selfish things that can ruin your marriage

    Saturday, Apr 19, 2:15 pm
    There is a trend I have noticed among people who seek help in marriage and couples’ counseling. Both partners usually have the best of intentions. Both usually want to save the relationship and... Read more...
  • 10 best, worst jobs of 2014

    Saturday, Apr 19, 1:37 pm
    If you want to land one of the best jobs of the year, you may need to brush up on your math skills. The top jobs of 2014 include mathematician, statistician and actuary, according to the 26th... Read more...
  • High rent driving middle class out of cities

    Saturday, Apr 19, 1:04 pm
    Financial experts say housing costs should be around 25 to 28 percent of a person's income. Those experts probably... Read more...
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