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Updated May 21, 2012 - 3:57 pm

Emails received by Arizona in regards to Obama's eligibility

With the approaching presidential election, may people have written to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett requesting him to remove President Barack Obama from the ballot unless he can produce a birth certificate stating he was born in the United States.

Below is a sampling of the more than 1,200 emails Bennett has received asking for Obama to be removed from the ballot. The names and addresses of the authors has been removed, but the city in which they live has been retained if it was included in their original email.

A sample of Bennett's replies appears at the bottom of the page.

Attn: Sec'y of State Ken Bennett.

We respectfully request your support for the forgery in Obama's birth certificate and service documents to not allow Obama on the 2012 presidential ballot. You should have enough evidence from Sherriff Joe's investigation illustrating Obama does not meet the qualifications for president of our country.


Author stricken

Dear Mr Bennett:

The question of Obama's legitimacy to be president is too compelling. He waited too long to produce a birth certificate which adds to the questionable document.

Please remove him from the Presidential Ballot,.


Author stricken

Let's get investigation going on President Obama's sham birth certificate...let's get his school records....why was he Barry Sotoro...why isn't the public officials more curious about this info and doing something about it????


Dear Secretaries of State,

Please take the time to read this. I am a "Natural Born Citizen". I am concerned about all elected officials being honest about their US citizenship. Investigating any, that are questionable should not be considered an invasion to their rights, but should be an honor to show their proof of citizenship.


Authors stricken

Dear Mr. Bennett:

It is with great surprise and disappointment that you are reluctant to follow through with the substantial evidence showing that the President of our country is not qualified to hold this position due to his fraudulent documentation. Not only is one of his documents fraudulently manufactured, but TWO OF HIS DOCUMENTS ARE fraudulently presented!

WE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY! If we do not uphold our Constitution, there will be nothing holding our country together. Elected officials are elected to uphold the Constitution and the laws of our country, both Federally and locally. We realize there are many issues taking elected officials attention at this time, but non is as important as upholding our Constitution. IF YOU ARE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT WITH MANY OTHERS OF US WHO ARE DEMANDING THE CONSTITUTION BE UPHELD AND THE LAWS FOLLOWED, WE SUGGEST YOU ARE NOT THE MAN FOR THE JOB.

We are watching this very closely. My husband was a Gynecologist at the Hospital in Honolulu at the time B. Obama claims to have been born there and the name of the hospital he claims to have been born in, wasn't even called that name at the time of his alleged birth in that hospital. Also "long form" birth certificates were given to many people who were not born at that hospital. Infants from out of the country, such as Japan, could record their birth and were given a "long form" birth certificate. So the Long Form birth Cert. does not prove B Obama was born in Hawaii. There are other discrpancies in Obama's claim to have been born in Honolulu that my husband has pointed out due to his knowledge of the hospital routine at that time. That aside, there are many experienced, capable experts in fraudulent documentation, that declare Obama's birth certificiate and his Selective Service (Draft card) are FRAUDULENT.

Please do the right thing, write the letter as requested and push this investigation forward!


Authors stricken

Dear Secretary of State Ken Bennett: Please show the courage and principle to sign the letter to find the validity of our president. Thank you

Sun City West

Because Tobin & Pierce seem to lack the courage to write a letter to the DNC Chair in order to clarify the eligibility of the president to be placed on the ballot the privilege is now offered to you to stand tall and fulfill the request of 3000 Arizona citizens. The people deserve to have proof that constitutionally qualified candidates are being placed on the ballot. We request that you send the letter to the DNC Chair asking that sufficient documentation be provided to reassure the citizens of Arizona that the presidential eligibility questions are completely dealt with. Sheriff Arpaio and his investigative team have uncovered apparent evidence of fraud in the presidents filing documents. Citizens of Arizona and the United States need to know our president is legitimate.

Author stricken

Dear Secretary Bennett,

I am writing to ask you to write a simple letter to determine who Barack Hussein Obama II is, in light of the current ongoing criminal investigation into his identification papers. If you as our Secretary of State do not have the courage to write a simple letter to the DNC......will you have the courage to govern Arizona if you one day become our Governor? Over 3,000 people may have second thoughts about you in your bid for re-election or a bid for the Governor's Office over a simple letter.

I respectfully request that you find the courage to write the letter to DNC Chairperson Schlutz. Please keep your oath to the US Constitution and the Arizona State Constitution. Arizona deserves nothing less.



I am contacting Secretary of State Ken Bennett office and respectfully request that he have the courage to write the letter to DNC Chairperson Schlutz. I ask him to keep his oath to the US Constitution and the Arizona State Constitution. Arizona deserves nothing less from Secretary Bennett. Reason being no honest thinking person can question or doubt Mr. Obama eligibility to be qualified to hold the higest office in our in land due to the recent cold case findings.

Kind regards


Authors stricken

Dear Brian, Tom, and All,

Thank you for your emails seeking resolution to President Obama's qualification for office and, therefore, his right to be on our ballot. In your calls for me to make sure he follows the law and is "subject to the same rational and reasonable standards as every other citizen", it is imperative that we follow the rule of law as well.

Arizona law requires an individual to file nomination papers wherein they certify they meet the qualifications of the office sought and have met other requirements such as committee formation and signatures. We review elements in the filing that can be verified on their face (completeness, numbers of signatures, etc.). Challenges to the remaining facts in the filing (validity of each signature, residency and other qualification aspects) are solely brought through legal process in the courts.

Because of the importance and profile of the President's case, and at the request of many constituents, I have gone the extra step of asking the State of Hawaii to verify the facts contained in his birth certificate. Hawaii is bound by their own statutes to provide such verification to other state officials in their official duties and, to Brian's point, I do not believe they can avoid their duty to me under a criminal investigation loophole because I am not investigating them.

The fact that Obama certified his citizenship on the 2008 PPE form is irrelevant to me because Arizona does not grant its electoral votes in the PPE. I believe there is significance in changing our nomination form for the actual election to include the certification.

With all due respect, the MCSO investigation has not proven anything other than raised probable cause that the birth certificate posted on the Whitehouse website "may be" a forgery. The next lawful step would be for the Sheriff's office to turn their findings over to the County Attorney for prosecution. Evidence would be brought on both sides and a judge should issue a decision. Whether or not that happens, if Hawaii can't or won't provide verification of the President's birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot.

I can tell from the tone and language of your letters that the only acceptable outcome for you is that his name not be on the ballot, period. That may be what happens, but under my watch, it won't happen based on opinions, petitions, probability or pledges to support or oppose me in the 2014 Governor's race. My oath of office is to uphold the Constitution and laws of our State and country, and I'm going to do that by following the law. I look forward to continuing to work this issue under those parameters. Otherwise, I will respectfully agree to disagree.


Ken Bennett Secretary of State


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