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Differing opinions on the 15 year anniversary of the Phoenix Lights

PHOENIX -- March 13 marks the 15 year anniversary of the Phoenix Lights phenomenon.

Unexplained lights could be seen in Nevada, New Mexico, California and Arizona that night.

The anniversary is a reminder that there are still extremely opposing views when it comes to addressing the validity of the lights seen in Phoenix on March 13, 1997.

Dr. Lynne Kitei, author of the book titled "Phoenix Lights, A Skeptical Discovery That We Are Not Alone," has studied the lights for several years and told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR's Karie & Chuck that when it comes to questioning what was seen 15 years ago, the facts speak for themselves.

"People that were standing right underneath these crafts actually looked into giant wells, orbs of light, and there was some kind of a field in between each orb that was in a rock solid formation over a mile wide," Kitei said.

Kitei took photographs with a 35 mm camera and her book also documents the experiences of others.

Ben Radford, Deputy Editor of "Skeptical Inquirer" science magazine, told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR's Karie & Chuck the lights seen years ago were nothing out of the ordinary.

"The best explanation is that they are what the military says they were, which were flares that were dropped by aircraft over the pruning ground," Radford said.

While there may be extraterrestrial life out there, Radford doesn't think they are purposely trying to connect with us.

"It's a leap to say they're visiting us, making crop circles, and doing light shows over Phoenix," Radford said.

Despite many explanations that discredit the lights having any significance, Kitei says the objects are intelligent.

"There is something behind it that is far advanced," Kitei said. "These objects do things that are so out of the range of credibility for us."

All these years later, this issue is still up for interpretation and debate.


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