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Updated Jan 4, 2012 - 11:29 am

Wildlife World Zoo talks about report of possible chupacabra sighting

PHOENIX -- Recently Erin Christiansen, the chief meteorologist for KGUN TV in Tucson, was driving around Tucson when a creature of some sort darted out in front of her car.

Christiansen immediately thought chupacabra, the blood sucking beast of urban legend that has been described in pictures as everything from looking like a crazed coyote to a space alien.

KTAR showed Grey Stafford of the Wildlife World Zoo the photos that KGUN viewers snapped and he says it's likely a feral dog or coyote with a skin disease.

"It makes for a great story," Stafford said. "Every region of the world has their Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. Why shouldn't we have the chupacabra?"

While Stafford is skeptical about the existence of a chupacrabra he says, "it is a predator of some kind, a coyote or dog in a weakened state, not a very healthy animal."

But who doesn't love a good mystery and Stafford says it's great for tourism.

"Especially when you throw in an exotic animal with blood sucking on the side."


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