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Updated Jun 21, 2012 - 3:20 pm

Shane Doan frustrated with Coyotes situation

Of all the professional athletes that play in Phoenix, Coyotes' captain Shane Doan has been here the longest.

Doan moved with the Winnipeg Jets as a 19-year-old in 1996. Sixteen years later, Doan is still in the Valley. But as a free agent, his address could change very soon, depending on the franchise's tenuous ownership situation.

The 16-year veteran joined Burns and Gambo Thursday on Arizona Sports 620 and talked about his desire to stay with the Coyotes and the uncertainty that goes along with his upcoming decision.

"They have been unbelievably open and honest and great with me and I can't say enough about how good they've been," Doan said. "And yet their hands are so tied with the whole stumbling block that keeps popping up with the team, and that is frustrating."

Doan will turn 36 in October, but still has value, not only as a captain, but as an offensive contributor. The Halkirk, Alberta native also had 22 goals -- the 11th time he's tallied 20 or more in the last 12 seasons -- and 28 assists for the Western Conference runners-up.

Doan is confident that if the ownership situation just got cleared up, the future is bright for the team in Glendale.

"I really think we're right on the cusp of being a team that could become an organization in the NHL that everyone wants to play for because we've got a good GM, we've got a good coach, we've won in the playoffs, we've got an unbelievable city to live in, and yet we always have these stumbling blocks that keep getting put in our way," Doan said.

"You'd love for that to be taken care of and people stop trying to stop us, but hey, maybe we'll find a way to keep going."

Doan reportedly wants a four-year contract, which would most likely be his last as an NHL player. During the interview, he didn't beat around the bush on where he'd like to spend those four seasons.

"I'd love for it to be the whole time in Phoenix," he said. "I've made no bones about that. I've really enjoyed my time here and like it here and this is where my family is from and it's what we want to do.

"But at the same time, it's such a unique and difficult situation."

Doan said the unrest in ownership has undoubtedly cost the Coyotes some free agent talent over the last three offseasons.

"You talk to guys around the league and they're like 'man, if you guys were done and had everything settled, I'd want to play there tomorrow', I've got friends that want to come play, but nobody wants to come play until we get his whole thing settled."


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