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Updated Sep 6, 2012 - 9:09 pm

Talk the Vote: Obama’s speech did not impress

The speech that President Barack Obama gave on Thursday to close out the Democratic National Convention really failed to wow, three KTAR hosts said.

“This was not a memorable speech by any stretch of the imagination,” said Larry Gaydos, co-host of Mac & Gaydos on News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Talk the Vote.

Gaydos also felt that Obama paled when compared to former President Bill Clinton, who took to the podium a mere 24 hours prior.

“He looked horrible compared to Bill Clinton,” he said. “I would put Bill Clinton on maybe the first day, but I wouldn’t put the best politician up there on the stage 24 hours before the president.”

Bruce St. James agreed, adding that Obama’s speech really fell by the wayside and was likely the fourth-best speech of the Democratic convention.

“I thought Michelle Obama was wonderful on the opening night,” he said. “Biden did as good as Biden can do and Bill Clinton is the rock star.”

Many anticipated a big speech from the president, but Mac Watson, co-host of Mac & Gaydos, felt the wind just wasn’t in the sails on Thursday and the president knew why.

“What was the difference between four years ago and [Thursday], because it sounded like the same speech,” he said. “Four years ago, the guy believed he could do the job. I do not feel that he believes he can do the job.”

In all, Bruce said he was fairly impressed with the Dems because they had bigger stars compared to the Republicans, but Mac and Gaydos weren’t so sure.

Editor’s note: On each major night of the 2012 presidential election, KTAR hosts will be collaborating to offer their assessments of the night’s events. Follow KTAR for all of your election news and analysis.


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