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Updated Oct 12, 2012 - 8:50 am

Vice presidential smirks!

There was little substance that came out of the vice presidential debate. But, as far as politics go, it was entertaining. Just watching Vice President Joe Biden's face alone was worth the price of admission.

He laughed. He smirked. He interrupted. He was downright rude in some areas.

That was Biden's job Thursday night. He was supposed to make up ground after President Barack Obama's weak debate performance in the first Presidential debate. Biden may have gone a little too far. He turned into my cranky, stubborn grandfather who used to always to sit in his lounge chair and bark about the world. Of course, my grandfather was always right. Those who disagreed weren't just wrong, but they were idiots! Bruce St. James even tweeted he was expecting the vice president to say, ‘get off my lawn,' at some point during the debate. At times he acted like Congressman Paul Ryan didn't belong on the same stage as him.


1) The Obama/Biden ticket really believes in government spending. A lot of it. And they have no plans to reduce it. Biden reiterated the administration's wish to tax the rich more. Make no mistake this position isn't about revenue. It's about politics and getting votes. Here's a fact: In 2010 there were less than 300,000 people that earned over $1 million. Taxing them won't raise enough revenue to put even a small dent in the yearly trillion dollar deficits.

2) Ryan did his homework. He's known for his budget proposals. Thursday night, he brought it on foreign policy. He was strong on Libya and Afghanistan. Ryan was well-prepared for this debate. He had to be. Biden has been in Washington since 1973. He knows the issues inside and out. Ryan held his own.

3) Abortion should no longer be a debate issue or even a campaign issue. The debate was humming along nicely until moderator Martha Raddatz asked about it. As usual both candidates took their party positions. Ryan, as a Republican, is pro-life. Biden, as a Democrat, said he was pro-life in his private life, but didn't feel the government should be able to tell women what to do with their bodies. These have been the same positions on abortion since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe V. Wade in 1973. So, why even bother to ask about them?


The 2012 vice presidential debate will be remembered for Biden's facial expressions. For his smirks and his laughs. But, there really wasn't a clear winner. Both candidates did what they needed to do -- shore up their ticket's positions.

Up next: Presidential debate #2. Tuesday, October 16th. It's a town-hall style debate focused both on foreign and domestic policy.

Rob Hunter is a regular part of the Bruce St. James Show and also co-hosts Rob & Mark on Saturdays from 12-3pm here on 92.3 KTAR.

About the Author

Rob spent his formative years growing up in Massachusetts, but after graduating from Emerson College in Boston, he's had the privilege of living in Florida, New Orleans and New Mexico. Rob & his wife Amy have lived in Phoenix since 2006 when he joined KTAR. Rob is passionate about our freedom and rights -- something he learned to love while growing up in the Boston area.


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