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Updated Nov 7, 2012 - 8:08 am

Click Chick: Trump calls election a 'travesty,' Jackson jubilant

As to be expected, plenty of TV personalities and actors are pleased with the outcome of the election as most in Tinsel Town back the Dems. That cannot be said of NBC's billionaire reality show star Donald Trump who tweeted: "This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!" He also is demanding a march on Washington, according to the Washington Post. Well, he's right about one thing. We aren't a direct democracy. We are a representative republic. Samuel L. Jackson, known for his interestingly direct tweets, was jubliant and classic Jackson. He had a message for those who were against Obama's re-election. His words: "CHOKE MUTHAPUBLICANZ! CHOKE!!" Stay classy, fellas.

Election Tweets: President Obama's victory tweet featuring him hugging the first lady became the most retweeted ever. But who else was getting tweeted about? ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer. Some joked that she may have been celebrating the election a little bit early. Her name started trending with unflattering posts. Some said she appeared tipsy. Some said hammered. I thought the woman was just tired. Remember, she's the main news anchor covering the final sprint of a presidential election. Gawker posted video of Sawyer that they say shows whatever issues they think she was having.

Obama's Anger Translator Rejoices: The TV show Key & Peele regularly feature a skit of President Obama being cool and his anger translator Luther being not so cool. They wasted no time making a video about Obama's re-election:

Bonus: My buddies at RTM are addicted to this skit. This will make you laugh if you're tire of all the election/post election stuff.

Casting News: They're making a movie called "Saving Mr. Banks." The film, according to TotalFilm is about the troubled production of "Mary Poppins." And who's been spotted around Disneyland playing Walt Disney? Tom Hanks. Click the above link and see if you think he looks like the entertainment titan.

Rockettes Ready: Yes, it's beginning to feel a lot like the holidays. Why? Well aside from the fact that it will be in the 50s most of the weekend. The Radio City Musical Rockettes begin their traditional Christmas Spectacular shows. This will be the shows 85th year, but they've updated it by adding digital projections on LED screens and a 3-D section that requires special glasses.

More Star Wars News: It seems that Matthew Vaughn, the director behind "Kick A*^," "Layer Cake" and "X-Men: First Class" is in talks to direct Star Wars Episode 7, according to IndieWire.

More Troubles for Troubled Actress: Seems like Lindsay Lohan's troubles have returned. According to TMZ, the actress could be facing more charges for lying to police. This is related to an accident in Los Angeles in which she allegedly claimed she wasn't driving. Apparently, witnesses had a different version of events.

Daily Diva Report: Jennifer Lopez who has starred in the hit "Maid in Manhattan" in which she played a maid is mad. She's denying reports that she had a hotel maid fired after said maid asked for an autograph, according E!Online. Tabloids called the hotel, and managers did say the woman was terminated for disturbing the privacy of the actress singer. Lopez said the first she heard of this was on Twitter.


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