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Updated Sep 17, 2012 - 9:59 am

Click Chick: 'SNL' pokes fun at Clint Eastwood, chair

Seth MacFarlane's performance as host of 'Saturday Night Live' gets a solid score from me. But I also enjoyed the fun they poked at Clint Eastwood taking "the chair" on tour, much like Charlie Sheen after he got the boot from his CBS show.

Amanda Watch: OK. Let's keep track of what's going on with Amanda Bynes. So, she's had a DUI arrest, two hit-and-run incidents -- and let's not forget TMZ photogs caught her smoking some kind of pipe while driving on a suspended license. E!Online reported on Sunday Bynes was pulled over by the po-po again and this time her car was impounded. She was issued a citation. She was not arrested. Lindsay Lohan reportedly complained that she was jailed for her DUI offenses but Bynes hasn't been. Lindsay, I have one thing to say to you: Shut it.

Cute Animal Video: Siku is 41 weeks old. Siku likes to play with branches and play in the water. My favorite part is when it stands on hind legs at 1:23. At 1:44, Siku lies down and you can just imagine what Siku is thinking: "I'm bored. I need a ball or something. Or a playmate." Watch Siku here.

Movie Trailer of the Day: There's a new creepy movie coming out. It's called "Mama" and stars Jessica Chastain with an uncharacteristic black bob. Let's just say the trailer kinda creeped me out:

What's Trending on the Web: The "Banned iPhone 5" promo. Watch it here.

Movie Protests Continue: German authorities are considering a ban on "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Islam film that has sparked protests around the world. This after a far-right group asked to screen the movie there, according to Deadline. Former British PM Tony Blair called the film laughable. I watched 3-4 minutes of the film and I say calling it 'laughable' is kind. I've never seen such bad filmmaking. And it's obvious to me that many of the lines the actors said were edited with someone else's voice.

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