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Updated Jun 22, 2012 - 8:43 am

Click Chick: New trailer for Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson stars in 'Taken 2' from 20th Century Fox.

Liam Neeson is back to thrill us in 'Taken 2.' What was so good about the original 'Taken' was its singular focus. You had a government agent with some pretty mad skills focused on getting his daughter back after she was kidnapped and sold in white slavery. There was no love interest to distract him. It was just him fighting valiantly and violently, to get his daughter out of the clutches of some evil folks. It appears that in Taken 2, not only are they taking his daughter. The bad guys who he didn't manage to kill before want to take his wife as well. I opens in October:

A Very 'Brave' Review: I heard the ABC Radio news film critic call Brave the worst in the Disney-Pixar franchise. I have to disagree. What makes Brave good is that this is not about a princess looking for a knight in shining armor or in this instance, a Scotsman wearing his finest clan plaid. She doesn't take too kindly to having men try to win her hand by showing their physical prowess. So, she tries to change her fate. Like many other princesses in fairytales, our heroine Merida doesn't have good results while meeting up with a witch. After that, it doesn't follow the traditional princess in peril storyline, nor does it have the humor you'd find in other Pixar films (Toy Stories 1-3). Yet, I found it likable not only for the animation but for how different it was. To be intentionally vague here (because I don't want to give too much away), the pay off is in the ending. I liked how they put in a good dose of feminism into the most old school of female literary molds known to man. In the pantheon of the great Pixar movies, I must admit it's not in my top five. But it's not in my bottom three either.

Today's Cute Animal Video: A cute elephant takes its first steps. Watch and behold the cuteness.

They're making a sequel to Machete. Danny Trejo will be back as the titular character, according to CinemaBlend. In this one Machete is sent to Mexico to take out weapons dealer Mel Gibson who plans to launch a weapon into space. And get this, Charlie Sheen will be playing the president. I guess, like father, like son.

Jessica Sanchez may have only been the runner-up on 'Idol' this past season, but she's feeling "Glee"- ful I'm sure. The Hollywood Reporter reports that she's close to being added to Glee for a multi-episode arc.


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