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Updated Jun 8, 2012 - 9:14 am

Click Chick: Prometheus is pretty epic

Prometheus Review: Nothing like parasitic creatures, spaceships and humanoid robots to get your popcorn on at the movie theater this weekend. And you get that and more with the special effect spectacle that is Ridley Scott's Prometheus. The Prometheus is a spaceship sent on a trillion dollar expedition to find the origins of man -- courtesy of a map detailed in cave drawings left by our ancestors around the globe. Leading the mission is Charlize Theron who's clearly the money woman and who is at odds with Noomi Rapace, an idealistic scientist hoping to find alien life. Throw in a humanoid robot, played quite capably by Michael Fassbender, who has motives of his own and you're left with a battle to save earth and mankind. Sure, director Scott throws out some major themes - and leaves many of them hanging there. But it's a stunning visual spectacle, in 3-D no less. And in the end, even with its grand themes, who doesn't like a parasitic alien or two crawling around to creep you out? After all, it is a horror-sci-fi film. It's also Scott returning to the thing he does best.

Cute Animal Video: This is going viral folks. Why? Because it's a kitten and bunny in what's possibly the epically cutest fight in the universe.

New Movie Trailer: The trailer for Quentin Tarantino's highly-anticipated next movie Django Unchained has been released. It stars a lot of good actors including Jamie Foxx, Christophe Waltz, Leo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and a nearly unrecognizable Don Johnson. If this trailer doesn't make you want to see it, I don't know what will.


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