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Updated Jun 8, 2012 - 7:26 am

Click Chick - Thursday, June 7

New Movie Trailer: In the fall, you get the serious good movies that they want nominated for Oscars. This may be one of them. Flight stars Denzel Washington who plays a pilot who, much like Sully Sullenberger, he miraculously lands a plane with engine failure. But unlike Sully, this man's personal demons come to bite him after his daring landing.

Cute Animal Video: Goat climbs a horse. Now go out and waste your bosses dime watching this a few times!

Classic Film Series: Cinemark theaters debuted it's classic film series for the summer last night with a showing of the original horror classic The Exorcist. Other classic movies you can watch on the big screen during this series - Citizen Kane, Cool Hand Luke, The Searchers, North by Northwest and others. All shows are on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. I saw The Magnificent & a few years ago on the big screen and what a treat that was. If you're a real movie fan, see some of the classics on the big screen. Get the details here.

Man v. Food: If you watch the Travel Channel show Man v. Food, then you may be surprised and pleased to find out that show host Adam Richman has dropped 40 pounds. He's also got a show called the Best Sandwich in a America that's airing on the Travel Channel. I plan to check that out because if there's one thing I love...which forced me to drop 40 pounds, is a good sandwich.

Charlie Sheen, Still Tempermental: After recently saying it wasn't "winning" when he got fired from his TV job then going on a tour and adding that it showed how out of control he is, Charlie Sheen was spotted by TMZ cameras having a bit of a temper tantrum. It happened outside the arena where the LA Kings were playing. Apparently, security told him he couldn't re-enter the stadium after a smoke break. See his bleep filled rant.


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