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The Left are having their "Birther" moment

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, carries an iPad as he walks into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012, in Wolfeboro, N.H. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Mitt Romney revealed last week that he "never paid less than 13% in taxes" over the past 10 years. This revelation is in response to the dubious claims that he paid zero in taxes… and I'm not even sure which is worse.

Still, the 13% claim was seized upon by the Democrats as proof (proof I tell you!) that Mr. Romney is doing something nefarious. I mean, he pays less than you, therefore he must be a what? Criminal? Notice how there is no evidence, allegations, pending charges or anything of substance that Mr. Romney has violated the law, cheated the tax code, or doing anything other pay the amount required by Federal and State statutes. And for that he's labeled a tax cheat?

Don't bother challenging the Left with facts or asking simple questions like; "then why hasn't the IRS thrown him in jail?", "what should the Capital Gains tax rate be?", or better yet, "shouldn't you be mad at Congress for passing the existing tax code, not at Mitt for following it?" They are blinded by their own ideology to the very notion that somebody can pay a lower marginal tax rate than you… and still be qualified to be President.

The fact he paid $3 million to the IRS last year is irrelevant since apparently he has too much by their standards and should volunteer to fork over more.

President Obama paid an effective tax rate of about 20% last year on an income of nearly $800,000 (and his secretary paid a higher rate… gasp!)

Where is the outrage? Both 20% and 13% are less than the "average person" pays on their income, so is the Left only arguing about the 7% difference? A top marginal tax rate of 20%? I'll support that!

Which leads me to believe that this is the Left's "Birther" moment.

Facts, common sense, and a myriad of officials, lawyers and Government agencies be damned, we KNOW what's right and they don't! Tax returns, birth certificates… what's the difference? The extreme's on both sides take a non-issue and attempt to exploit it for political gain.

Granted, that's nothing new, but I just want them to know there are plenty of us that see them for exactly what they are, crazy birds of a different feather.

And the final question is a fair one to ask, for either side, "and to what end"?

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