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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

Did Marco Rubio remind Americans of the American Dream?

The American Dream is something we're all promised as children, but what happens when the children of immigrants want the same thing?

America is the promise land, where everyone gets a fair shake who tries their hardest, right? Not necessarily so. In the past years, we've heard claims that Americans and immigrants alike are waiting for handouts, that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans and that the rich are dominating the lower classes.

Have we lost sight of the American Dream? It's possible, but Marco Rubio reminded attendees at the Jack Kemp Foundation's Leadership Award ceremony exactly what that dream means and who creates it.

Rubio motioned to some of the service staff at the Kemp dinner. They stopped to listen to him. "It all starts with our people," Rubio continued. "In the kitchens of our hotels. In the landscaping crews that work in our neighborhoods. In the late-night janitorial shifts that clean our offices. There you will find the dreams America was built on. There you will find the promise of tomorrow. Their journey is our nation's destiny. And if they can give their children what our parents gave us, the 21st-century America will be the single greatest nation that man has ever known."

What do you think of Rubio's comment? Is that where the American Dream is found or is it elsewhere in our society?

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Open and honest on the air, Bruce is deeply passionate about local and national issues affecting our community. Pamela brings a heavy news perspective while discussing the days most important topics.


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