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Updated Jan 16, 2013 - 1:18 pm

Chuck's List: It's time I gave Tina Fey her due credit

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Tina Fey

    Tina Fey

    Despite the relentless campaign launched against Americans, I have resisted the notion that I simply must find Tina Fey funny. I stopped watching "Saturday Night Live" during the years she was head writer. I just couldn't respect a show that was trying to make Jimmy Fallon a star and I've held it against Fey ever since. But now I must admit a painful thing: I thought Fey and co-host Amy Poehler may have been the best tandem to ever host an award show. The Golden Globe Award Show was an entertaining...what? Seven hours? Fey and Poehler set the tone with a hilarious monologue, and I found myself wanting them to play bigger roles in the broadcast as the night went on. Of course, Poehler was the funnier of the two, but my giving Tina Fey her well-deserved credit is long overdue.

  • Hugh Hallman

    Hugh Hallman

    The former Tempe mayor was a guest with Karie and Chuck this week. I enjoyed our interview with Hallman, just as I've enjoyed every conversation I've had with the man. But it wasn't anything in the interview that scored points with me. It was what he said to me after the interview. He said, "I disagree with everything you say about politics." It was his nice way of telling me he likes the show, despite the fact that my political views are in stark contrast to his. Then he said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Most News/Talk shows try to speak to a small but passionate audience. You guys don't. You say what's on your mind, and you represent numerous points of view that rarely reach the airwaves." It's the best compliment I've received since moving to news talk for the first time in my 20-year broadcasting career. It's exactly what Karie and I try to bring to the table everyday. We're simply not a source for listeners to turn to have their opinions validated.

  • Joe Biden

    Joe Biden

    Perhaps nothing will change in regards to our gun laws, but the discussion on how to make Americans safer from gun violence needed to occur. President Obama assembled a task force and he put his number one man at its head. Joe Biden met with the NRA and 13 other agencies of gun advocacy. He met with eight different entertainment agencies, from members of the Motion Picture Association of America to members of Branded Entertainment to discuss violence in video games. Biden also met with gun retailers and, of course, the various anti-gun groups who came to Washington earlier in the week. I don't know what will come of the newly inflamed gun debate, perhaps nothing, but Joe Biden did a terrific job in listening to all sides of the argument, and more than 19 suggestions later he's handed the ball off to the president.

  • Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong

    The cyclist is an easy target this week. I normally don't include the easy target, but I'll make an exception this week. For a long time, I've believed Lance Armstrong was a doper and a fraud. For a long time, I've heard what a dreadful person he is. For a long time, I've subtracted points from Sheryl Crow's overall likeability score for her having dated him. Not even the catchy "Soak Up the Sun" could win me back, so I can honestly report that none of the recent allegations against him have surprised me. In his defense, I believe he only added to cycling's dismal reputation, he didn't create it. But what was brought to my attention this week was how many people he tried to destroy to keep his great secret. He cost others cyclists their reputations and, for some, their careers. He painted his challengers as deviants. He won $1.5 million in a libel suit against a British newspaper and is balking at paying them back. Armstrong inspired a vast number of cancer patients and that can never be undone, but Armstrong was willing to do anything to anyone to save himself, and that is the true sign of a malicious jerk.

  • The Girl Scout

    The Girl Scout

    Sorry girls. You're cute. You're sweet. I wish you the very best in the future. I hope you live to explore the world and that surviving your grueling years as a Brownie and a Scout were the keys to your lucrative futures, but leave me alone at the grocery store. Seriously, back the hell away. I just came off the holidays. I need to lose 15 pounds and I've finally reached the point where Mom has stopped serving me fifths of ham and co-workers have stopped bringing in leftover bundt cake. Don't tempt me with your Thin Mints. Keep your Tagalongs at a safe distance. If you knock on my door, I will likely buy some Samoas, because I don't want to crush your entrepreneurial spirit. But setting up shop outside the grocery store, well now you're just stalking your fellow citizenry. I'll take no part in it.

  • The Wayans Brothers

    The Wayans Brothers

    The least funny comedians in show business sunk to an all-time low this week. Despite receiving only 2 "fresh reviews" out of 25 on the media critic website, the lowest score of the year, the poor marketing group still had to try and sell the Wayans' new movie "A Haunted House" to the American public, which is like trying to sell a forest fire to deer. Miraculously, it worked. $18 million worth of idiots actually paid money to see this movie. This is how bad the reviews were for "A Haunted House:" the marketing team couldn't find a positive review to include in the ads. Instead, they splashed across the screen, "The funniest movie ever." A powerful compliment. Too bad it didn't come from Robert Ebert or Jeffrey Lyons or The "LA Times." No, it came from a Facebook user. Yes, some random Facebook user posted a compliment and the Wayans brothers ran with it. Pathetic.

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