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Who rocked the Sandy show? The Who, of course

A one-man opinion poll, but a bit different this week. Since the villains and heroes were obvious in Newtown this week, the latest three up and three down is Newtown-free.

  • Roger Daltrey

    Roger Daltrey

    Admittedly, I could have done without the seductively slow reveal of his 68-year-old chest and swollen gut during the course of his set, but the performance of the night on 12/12/12 belonged to Roger Daltrey and The Who. The band not only played a great set, they played a lengthy set. They not only didn't complain about being there (like Jagger did) they seemed genuinely happy to be there. The 12/12/12 concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief had its flaws; not enough American bands, too much New York, not enough New Jersey, Adam Sandler (but that should go without saying by now), but for the most part it was an incredible effort. The biggest living legends of rock and roll played on the same night, on the same stage, in Madison Square Garden, for charity. And Daltrey and Pete Townshend outshined them all.

  • Allan Fonseca

    Allan Fonseca

    I watched "Lord of the Rings". And I got the message. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. If there's a will, there's a way, right? So, if a three-foot tall, barefoot simpleton can save Middle Earth from Sauron, then it shouldn't surprise us that a Justin Bieber look-alike working the Lancome perfume counter at the mall can also be a hero. (Before you ask, the answer is "Yes, I did use Sauron and Justin Bieber in the same sentence"). During the Oregon mall shooting, Allan Fonseca ushered several to safety. Knowing the mall like the back of his handbag, Fonseca led Jocelyn Lay out the nearest and safest exit, and then willingly went back into the mall to help others. "He's my hero," said Lay. And Fonseca did behave heroically. Suddenly, squirting Issey Miyake on passersby probably doesn't seem nearly as meaningful.

  • The Pope

    The Pope

    Of all my friends, I was the last to buy a CD. I wasn't the biggest music fan in the early 90s, so I thought why be in such a rush to glom upon the latest fad? But then a friend of mine was so embarrassed for me and my collection of three cassette tapes that he bought me a CD starter kit and instantly I was no longer an outcast. Years later, cell phones became a must. I, of course, resisted. The thought of people being able to call me, and I'm expected to answer, I felt was an invasion of my unburdened lifestyle. Then, one day, my father called me, on his new cell phone! Fifteen minutes later, I had purchased my first cell phone. The guy who insisted the Internet was a creation of the devil simply wasn't going to out-technology me. Now, we come to this week. I have refused to participate in social media. I'd rather be flogged with broken spatulas. But now that the Pope is a tweeter, do I once again need to save face and join the 21st century? Nope. Not this time, Pontiff. But I can appreciate that you, sir, are the hippest pope in popedom.

  • Judge Derek Johnson

    Judge Derek Johnson

    Because the shootings in Newtown dominated news coverage, as well as our thoughts and hearts, you probably didn't hear about the California judge who apparently graduated from the Todd Akin Academy of Arts & Sciences. Judge Johnson is being publicly admonished for ruling that if a person truly didn't want to be raped, their body wouldn't allow them to be. "I'm not a gynecologist," the judge said, "but I can tell you something. If someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse the body shuts down." You read that right. A grown man, a judge, believes that women can't be raped unless they want it to happen. Like a trap door falls to block passage? This guy makes Todd Akin look like Gloria Steinem.

  • Chris Christie

    Chris Christie

    Let me begin by saying that this is a soft "down" for Christie. He didn't do anything wrong this week. In truth, he gave the right answer to Barbara Walters when she asked him, "Are you too heavy to be president?" Christie called the notion ridiculous. And he's right. The health of a presidential candidate is a worthy concern, but his or her physical appearance shouldn't be. So why is he losing points with me this week, you ask? Because Christie's weight will be a factor if he runs for president, whether it should be or not, and he needs to understand that. We attached peanuts to Jimmy Carter, Clinton was a philanderer, and Gerald Ford was labeled a klutz because Chevy Chase saw him stumble on TV one time. Christie's physical imperfection is an obvious one. Voters will use it against him if he runs. He needs to lose weight to give himself an honest shot at winning the nation's highest office. Case in point, we don't remember that our 27th president introduced the 16th Amendment, or that he strengthened interstate commerce. No, we remember William H. Taft because he was fat.

  • Kevin Towers

    Kevin Towers

    The Diamondbacks have a good general manager. Not a great one, like some will have you believe, but he's a solid personnel man. One thing he's not, however, is honest. With a straight face, Towers told the media this week that he didn't want to trade Trevor Bauer and that he never came close to trading Justin Upton. Lies. There is no way that a GM allows months worth of trade rumors to dog assets he values. If Towers didn't want to trade Bauer -- whom he traded, for the record -- he should have defiantly rebuked all trade conversation that ran rampant in the both the local and national media this entire offseason. And after two years of Justin Upton having to hear through the media that he's not wanted, Towers still insists he never had serious interest in moving the player? I guarantee you Upton doesn't believe that. Professional athletes are thin-skinned. The relationship between Upton and the Diamondbacks is ruined thanks to Towers, so if he's not interested in trading him he better start being interested.

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