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Chuck's List: Chris Christie a sign of political progress

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Chris Christie

    Chris Christie

    The New Jersey Governor now has a record-high 72 percent approval rating in New Jersey following his handling of the Hurricane Sandy tragedy. There are a number of reasons to support Christie's rise in popularity. (1) For a week, he was the face for America's sympathy. (2) Any publicity is good publicity. (3) Fleece. (4) And he was an elected leader seen leading throughout a crisis. But I think another factor that has benefited the governor was his praising of President Obama for the federal support given to the state of New Jersey. "I don't give a damn about the election," seemed to resonate with New Jersians. Those who voted for Christie were able to say with pride, "That's my guy" for his handling of Sandy. Those who didn't vote for Christie said, "That's my guy, and Governor Christie just gave him some bi-partisan love. Maybe Christie's my guy too." I honestly don't care if Obama receives praise for Sandy, but I do like that potential voters seem to be recognizing with fondness when one party member can acknowledge with praise someone from another party. That's progress.

  • Carson Jones

    Carson Jones

    Some call it karma, but whether the universe recognized Carson Jones' good deed and rewarded him for it pales to the deed itself. Jones is the Queen Creek High School quarterback who stood up for a girl being picked on at school. He and his teammates began walking her to class and the teasing stopped. He's since recognized that not only have kids stopped teasing Chy, but that bullying at school has generally ceased. Sheep need a shepherd. The weak will follow the strong. Knowing that, it's up to the strong to set the example, whether there's reward in it or not. This weekend, the Queen Creek football team was rewarded. They won the state championship game, 9-7. Carson Jones played poorly, but this time students rallied to pick him up.

  • The Female Gift Giver

    The Female Gift Giver

    Fellas, there are just some things women are better at doing than us. They are better multi-taskers. They can put up their hair with any object, be it a pencil or a cocktail shrimp. They know where to find their socks. And they are infinitely more thoughtful, a trait that definitely shows up this time of year. Men, we will never be on par with women when it comes to the first three items on the list, but we can close the gap on being more thoughtful this holiday season. Take some time, right now, to think, I mean really think, about what she wants for Christmas this year. I can tell you this: It's not perfume, it's not a basket of lotions, it's not a crock pot and it's not lingerie. She wants something specific. She's probably already told you about it or she wants you to surprise her with the kind of gift you'd get her if you really understood her. So think real hard this year. An hour of thought today will save you from hours of wandering aimlessly through the mall. Yes, it's the thought that counts, but only if you're thoughtful.

  • The Baseball Writer

    The Baseball Writer

    The baseball writers of America determine what historic figures earn entry into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, and as a group they fail at this duty. The Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is professional baseball's Museum of History. It should tell the game's history. And as of this moment, one of the game's most influential figures is not in the Hall. Marvin Miller was the former head of the Players' Union. Miller made the union. Miller brought us free agency. Miller brought the sport growth. But he's not in the Hall? What's worse? He WILL eventually be in the Hall. Next year! Posthumously! Thus, my angst. They're reward of induction too often comes after the deserving honoree is dead and can't appreciate the honor. Wake up, scribes!

  • Michael Clemente

    Michael Clemente

    The Fox Network's executive vice president of news likely didn't cause his anchor to get politically depantsed live on the air, but when Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas Ricks called out the network for misrepresenting the attack in Libya and for "operating as a wing of the Republican Party", the network was quick to pull the plug on Ricks. The interview lasted fewer than 90 seconds. Ricks didn't cuss. He didn't name call. He didn't even raise his voice. Fox brought him on as an expert, simply didn't like that he was embarrassing the less informed anchor on live television and the decision was made to bail from the interview. You know what they say about people who can dish it out but can't take it, right?

  • Halle Berry

    Halle Berry

    Why does every man the most beautiful woman in the world marries (or even dates) end up arrested, beaten or is found running for the hills? There's clearly something with the actress. Her ex-husband and father to her child ended up getting in a fistfight with Berry's new fiance outside her home. Without knowing the situation, I'm not going to blame a guy who wants to see his daughter, if, in fact, he's being kept from her out of spite. Nor can I blame a guy who is defending his woman and her daughter from a potentially unreasonable and angry ex who stopped by the home uninvited. No, I blame Berry. She clearly invites drama in her life. Hell, she's like a homing beacon for the stuff. As the kids say, I think Halle "cray."

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