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Updated Oct 17, 2012 - 8:38 am

Chuck's List: Obama's fight is biggest debate winner

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Obama's fight

    Obama's fight

    What Barack Obama lacked last week, he brought it with him Tuesday night. It was all about energy. Obama's marching orders were clear. Don't roll your eyes when you think your opponent is misleading the American people. Call him out and do it with flair. And so, he did, even when he wasn't supposed to. Obama clearly won the second debate, but his victory won't have near the impact Romney's win had on the American people two weeks ago.

  • Live fact checking

    Live fact checking

    The debate over whether Barack Obama did or didn't recognize the Sept. 11th attacks in Libya as a terrorist act on Sept. 12th can be argued, but a moment occurred during the Tuesday night debate that I hope is the future of these events. LIVE FACT-CHECKING! Moderator Candy Crowley confirmed that the president did mention "terror" during his Sept. 12th address of the Libya attack. So, how far can we be from implementing a system of fact-checking that could occur instantaneously for the benefit of the viewer?

  • Romney holds his own

    Romney holds his own

    It is infinitely easier to explain why a thing is bad than it is to explain why a thing isn't so bad. So, when given the hanging curveball question of Barack Obama's last four years, Romney teed off. With confidence and ease, Romney rattled off a list of the president's failures, creating the best moment of his night.

  • Candy Crowley's interruption

    Candy Crowley's interruption

    By far and away it was the worst moment of the debate. This election's number one issue is the economy. These two candidates have completely different views on how to rebuild the economy. We've heard both plans, but we've not had the opportunity to hear one candidate call out the other. Tuesday night, it happened. The candidates were standing toe-to-toe, hammering away at each other, and Obama was asking Romney to explain how he can cut everyone's taxes without adding to the deficit, when Crowley stopped their bickering and changed topics. For me, it was THE moment of the election, and Crowley stole it from us. WHHHHHHYYYYYYY????

  • Arizona


    SB 1070 was called out by both candidates for being a regressive movement in fixing the problem of illegal immigration and when the bill was mentioned, the crowd groaned. We know these candidates don't see eye-to-eye on illegal immigration. We can also agree that we still don't know where Romney stands. So, nothing changed from last night's conversation about illegal immigration. But what was emphasized is that neither candidate agrees with what we're doing here.

  • Romney hates birds

    Romney hates birds

    First, Romney wanted to cut loose Big Bird. Tuesday, we heard Romney accuse Obama of stopping short on energy development to save a few birds. Why does Mitt Romney hate birds? I'm guessing he's rooting for the Giants to defeat the Cardinals in the NLCS? Does he flip people off with his index finger? Deep down, did Mitt Romney hope the bald eagle became extinct?

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Career: My broadcast career began in 1990 at the age of 19. I've spent 19 of my last 21 years as a talk show host. Twelve years were spent in sports radio (only 3 in Phoenix), seven in music/comedy (most notably 103.9 The Edge), and now KTAR.

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