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Chuck's List: Celebrating the birth of Monty Bond

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Dr. Matt Huntleman

    Dr. Matt Huntleman

    Do you believe in miracles? Al Michaels once asked us that question. He was referring to the miracle of sports though, which pales in comparison to the miracles of medicine. Locally, the Translational Genomics Research Institute, better known as TGEN, is not only making remarkable breakthroughs in medicine, they're making them at a breakneck pace. A recent TGEN miracle not only saved the life of a patient named Shelby, it created a lifestyle. Harnessing the latest leaps in genome sequencing to pinpoint causes for rare childhood disorders, Dr. Matt Huntelman and team pinpointed Shelby's inability to make dopamine, applied the appropriate medication and left the rest to Shelby. The wheelchair-bound Shelby is not only alive today, she can now talk, walk and live life as a normal 12-year old girl. Unbelievable! And now that TGEN has the blueprint for such treatment, they're just getting started in saving/changing lives of those once believed incurable.

  • Miguel Cabrera

    Miguel Cabrera

    Last week, the Detroit Tigers slugger accomplished something immortalizing: he became the first professional baseball player since 1967 to hit for the Triple Crown (most home runs, RBI, and highest batting average in a single league season). Prior to this accomplishment, the Venezuelan-born superstar was dogged by substance abuse issues. But following an embarrassing 2011 incident of public intoxication and resisting arrest, Cabrera's coaches and teammates banned together to form a 24/7 intervention program for him. Cabrera repaid their loyalty and friendship with an MVP-caliber season, leading the Tigers to the 2011 playoffs. Then, this year, he rewarded everyone who loves the game of baseball with a season for the ages.

  • Bond. Monty Bond

    Bond. Monty Bond

    Friday, Oct. 5th, I learned that two British institutions share the same birthday: James Bond was celebrating 50 years and Monty Python turned 45. Admittedly, I'm a bigger fan of Python than Bond. More believable. But there is no diminishing the contributions the two international forces have made to comedy and to the action movie respectively. Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail is possibly the most quotable comedy of all time. And "Bond. James Bond" might be the most quoted line in cinematic history. Happy Birthday!

  • Joe Arpaio

    Joe Arpaio

    Not going to debate? Seriously? What happened to Joe "Alpha Male" Arpaio? Do you think Gen. George Patton would sit on the sidelines if he was publicly called out? Heck no! And Paul Penzone has called you out, sheriff. He's only four points back of you. He's breathing down the toughest neck in America, and and you won't even turn around and acknowledge the threat. The good news is, Arizona, I believe we have a legitimate race for sheriff on our hands for the first time since 1992. The bad news is, the incumbent doesn't want to participate. He's content to rely upon the familiarity of his name.

  • Joe Amendola

    Joe Amendola

    I understand a defense attorney has a job to do. And no matter how nasty he or she may feel, they have an obligation to defend their client, no matter the circumstances. But what Joe Amendola can spare the American public from is his relentless effort to convince us that, despite all the children his client has molested, Jerry Sandusky is really a good guy. "Jerry is a very likable guy," said Amendola prior to the sentencing of his client. "He's a model inmate. He doesn't cause problems, he's sociable, he's pleasant." Dude, I don't care if he bakes cookies for the security guards and lotions his warden's feet nightly. He's a pedophile and he's deservedly spending the rest of his life behind bars.

  • Vernon Parker

    Vernon Parker

    I'm not taking sides in Parker's nasty congressional race with Kyrsten Sinema. Frankly, I haven't dedicated enough time to study either candidate. But Parker's recent outrage over what he's described as a "doctored photo" seems either personally thin-skinned or politically desperate. Parker, a black man, claims Sinema's advertisements depict his skin tone as being five shades darker than it is. Sinema, a white woman, has called the accusation ridiculous. Personally, I don't know if Sinema doctored Parker's picture to show him five shades darker or 50 shades of gray. What I do know is that a candidate whose campaign has gone as far as calling his opponent a socialist, a weirdo and now a racist shouldn't be accusing anyone of dirty politics.

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