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Updated Aug 1, 2012 - 8:56 pm

Chuck's List: Can Kristen Stewart get any worse?

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Tom Teves

    Tom Teves

    He is the father of the late Alex Teves, and I think he deserves consideration for Father of the Year for how he's handled the senseless loss of his son. "He was just good," said Tom of Alex. "He wasn't a standout about anything, but he cared about people." Alex Teves lost his life shielding his girlfriend from gunfire within a darkened movie theater. Tom Teves has called upon CNN and other media outlets (such as KTAR) to stop reporting information about the man who took his son's life, and to focus on the heroes who lost their lives at a coward's hand. And although I disagree with Teves on this subject, as I believe it is the media's responsibility to accurately report the news, I do appreciate his sentiment. And when in front of the cameras, I think the man has expressed heartache and despair while strategically relaying to America the message for how his son deserves to be remembered.

  • Im Dong Hyun

    Im Dong Hyun

    The South Korean Olympic archer set an incredible standard for the 2012 Olympic Games before the torch had even been lit. Im Dong Hyun broke a world record for highest score in a 72-shot round. And he's blind! That's right. Blind! A blind archer is the equivalent of a legless sprinter...Oh wait, we have one of those too. If you haven't heard, Oscar Pistorius will be running in the games on two carbon-fiber legs. This could end up being the coolest Olympiad ever!

  • Katherine Jackson

    Katherine Jackson

    Who could blame her for needing a break? The Matriarch of the Jackson family recently went missing. She fled to Tucson (with hopes of crossing the border and leaving for good, I'm betting). Now, Lord knows Mama Jackson has failed numerous times as a parent, and she deserves criticism for skirting town on the grandchildren who were in her care. But in defense of Katherine -- Mrs. Jackson if you're nasty -- I'd say she's dealt with her fair share of impossible moments. You think you've had it tough as a parent? She's had three children that did everything they could to look like Diana Ross. She has a daughter who whipped her boob out at the Super Bowl. And she had a son whose hair caught on fire, who had her treat his monkey like a grandchild, who thought he was Peter Pan, who had a son named Blanket and the list goes on an on. Yeah, I think she was entitled to a break.

  • The 4' 9" 17-year-old

    The 4' 9" 17-year-old

    Thursday, a few new state laws go into effect here in Arizona. Chief among them: new booster seat laws. Starting Thursday, children under the age of nine or under the height of 4'10" will be required by law to ride in a booster seat. This new rule is going to prove torture to the 8-year old boy who is the last among his friends to turn nine. The new rule is a downright horror for those people who never grow to more than 4'9" in height. Just imagine the poor, law abiding 17-year old riding to school in her booster seat. You think classmates aren't going to make her life a living hell? Will she be required to use a sippy cup too?

  • The Democratic Politician

    The Democratic Politician

    Tuesday, the Democratic Party determined it supported same-sex marriage. Great, so do I. Of course, I have for all my adult years and haven't been shy to say it. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has decided it's now time to jump on board, as if it's as easy as throwing a switch, and magically all Democratic politicians seeking office will be forced to make the change to publicly supporting same-sex marriage or risk contradicting their party. More BS politics. You either believe in an issue or you don't. And just because you have a (D) next to your name doesn't mean you have to support same-sex marriage. Let's start thinking for ourselves, people. If our leaders aren't capable of independent thought, how are we ever going to break free from this partisan death grip currently wrapped about the neck of our system?

  • Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart

    So, you cheated on your boyfriend. I don't care. So, you are one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and you don't have a speck of talent. Big whoop. So why do you lose points? Because, Kristen Stewart, you went public with your relationship, dramatically apologizing to your jilted boyfriend and not to the wife and children of the married putz you cheated with.

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